For ages 2 - 4 years. Kindergym is a fun early learning program based on play for young children.

Kindergym is about learning through play. Play is fun and essential to children’s development. Kindergym provides a safe and exciting indoor adventure, which stimulates children’s physical development, self-confidence, self-esteem and creativity. Our early learning gym centre, accredited instructors, fun group activities and guided discovery are all about turning locomotion into learning.

Children and parents/caregivers creatively explore and are challenged by the wide range of playful physical activities. Parents/caregivers have a vital role in supporting their child’s development through play and are a play mate, a role model and a source of ideas and encouragement during Kindergym. 

For more information contact us on 03 6229 0900.


Come and climb, swing, hang, jump and explore with us!


Class Times

Monday to Friday 9.45 to 10.45am

Tues and Thursday 10.45 to 11.45am

Saturday 8.45 to 9.45am



Casual cost: $12 second child ½ price OR Membership options: Monthly Membership or Value Passes